Graphics mod (VAC FREE)

edit: thank you guys for the support i tried to do my best for you but its will be much more better to keep it private for me
people not appreciated my hard work here or maybe because they even dont know what graphics mod is

they expecting that this graphics mod will make their game to look like crysis 3 or fancy shit like that and they disappointed for some reason
feel free to find it here>

Looks like you just turned up contrast and satruation to be honest

well maybe…
just try to download it first and see the small details that you cant see in the screenshots and use SCROLL LOCK key to turn on and off the mod and you never ever will get this result by turning contrast and satruation up
and i told you the screenshots taken without my game config and the config is making a big difference

I’m pretty sure the same effects can be achieved in Lua.

its not possible to do it with lua
even to apply the game config is not possible cuze if you will apply it when you in server its will blow ur game
this mod including
Chromatic aberration
LEVELS new white and black lines

and it is what it is guys its the graphics mod i did my best for you and with the safest graphicsmod
like seriously if you dont know shit about it like “i can do it by changing the contrast and brightness” just go ahead and do it and see the result
i could use enb instead of sweetfx and use dynamic shadow injector but most likely its was trigger the vac ban and its worthless if it triggering the vac so i tried to do by best to not mess up with vac so it is what it is

When do you apply gaussian blur, all the time?

So you didnt update any textures to a higher resolution? Cause thats what I assume when I see “graphics mod”

Also, this thing asks you to replace DLLs. Last time I checked, modified DLLs is exactly what VAC checks for. What are you doing to prevent VAC from banning you?

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He replaces DLLs and whacked a whole bunch of shaders in it. It looks like a generic shader pack that can be installed for multiple games. The original credits are still there.

first i am with my config with the graphics mod its not possible to do it

and its called skins to change the textures i tried to do my best to about it i worked with what textures valve gave me

What kind of choice is this? Either I risk getting VAC banned but have a very slightly better looking game or just leave everything as it is and not get banned. I don’t want to play Russian roulette every time I want to install a graphics mod.

i didnt replaced any dll i just added d3d9.dll and dxgi.dll
its not bannable and its safe to use trust me i know what im saying if you want a full explanation about it tell me
its safe for 99.99% if you will get banned its only for false positives and valve will unban you

trust me i have a good connections with the developers of the graphics mod i didnt wrote VAC status: Completely Safe but use it on ur own risk just for fun…
i wrote use it on ur own risk because i dont want to take any responsibility about about you not just about the vac about anything that related to this

Do you have any proof of this happening to people?

Because 99.99% isn’t 100%, and VAC is forever if you’re wrong.

so 100% for you…
i dont have any proof about it cuze its never happened before
no one in the world history got vac banned cuze of sweetfx

“but have their own separate process” its called direx
and even until now no one got banned for using this

heres the answers that i got from valve

im done with vac im not going to answer anymore about vac if its so important to you add me on steam

Kind of brave to make definite statements like “valve will unban you”, then.

SweetFX is a DirectX injector. Injectors and VAC are bad chemistry by default. You probably won’t get VAC’d for SweetFX, but that’s not the same as “Valve says you won’t get VAC’d”.

As long as your mod doesn’t actually interfere with the game’s protected memory segments like multiplayer variables, then it’s very unlikely for you to get banned by it, but there’s no guarentee.
Nontheless I wouldn’t risk it for marginal amount of graphics improvements like this. If you do get banned, that means the DLL has poked into a memory segment it shouldn’t touch (accidental or not), and Valve will never unban you for that no matter what.

I think it looks really shit imo

okay feel free to use my game config its playing a big role in the graphics mod or even without it