Graphics on garry's mod blurrier/worse

About 1 and a half month ago I stopped playing garry’s mod as much as I use to and I started playing rust more, I had some fps problems in rust so I decided to go on youtube for help, I found a video that helped me but I had to download some programs and change some settings. After 1 and a half month of not playing gmod I decide to go on a server I usually went to, I noticed a change in my graphics. All of my graphics in the gmod settings were untouched but still looked different. I reinstalled garry’s mod, I got on garry’s mod from my old computer (worse specs) and it had better graphics. I copied the nvidia control panel settings as the old computer (still the same), I restored my nvidia control panel settings from when the software was added (still the same). It’s really bothering me and it’s hurting my eyes. I really don’t know how to fix it and I need help. Thank you.


I can’t see any differences, especially after you subjected the images to JPEG compression and put them into 1 image.

You can see it especially on the ground textures and a little bit on the rocks

Uh, if I am not mistaken, that’s texture filtering.

There is a difference and its noticeable, just look at the path. If it is texture filtering, how can I fix it so it looks like the “Before” picture?

It’s called “Filtering Mode” under Options -> Video -> Advanced.

I changed the filtering mode to every option and it still doesn’t look like the picture on the before. I don’t think it’s the filtering mode.