Graphics on Low = Grass + Bushes disappear in 100m

I get sick of getting shots by russian low graphic abusers through bushes.
Remove bushes completely or turn every bush and grass on on low.
But being in a disadvantage for plaything the game on Max settings is a big turn off for many.

It has long been an exploit to turn graphics on low to see the stuff intended to be camouflaged by the grass and bushes. Hell that started back in WoW.

I really don’t know what the answer is, except to require the settings.

But that would lose half of FacePunch’s customers because they can’t play the game at anything beyond 3 FPS, and incur tons of bad reviews because people bought the game and can’t really play it.

Yeah, but now everyone who watches streams say Rusts graphics suck hard.
Dont know whats better, but I know for myself that i wont play on low settings to cheat.

Maybe make Graphic Setting a Server setting? So all the lows can play with themself?

Useing a low graphic setting just to cheat is bullshit

sadly, thats how everyone competitive plays…
check anyone on twitch and you will see…
it sucks because newcomers may thing that’s how the game looks like, and it really hits on the population

Or just do not allow bushes to disappear, no matter what setting.

The solution seems simple IMO. If a bush doesn’t render at some distance, neither should other players.

This is a terrible solution, players should render in well before you can actually see them on your screen. The obvious solution is very simple, make it so bushes render in at the same distance players do regardless of your graphics settings.

Remove bushes I hate them anyway lma0

Or they could fix the DX9 issue, which most people are probably abusing.

Its basicly cheating… but if people have CPU/RAM problems its necessary. Playability > Best Experience

I play on low graphics because I have an Intel HD4000 integrated graphics card. :l

I play on low + DX9 because my GT740M can’t handle higher settings :frowning:

I play on low because my computer is not actually a computer, it’s a potato thats been half eaten by my dog

I have a Question, on Rust legacy i have constantly 120 fps and from the one to the other moment i have 20 fps, my screen freezes and after a second i have 120 fps… its a bit crazy… do you have a help for me ?