Graphics Problem

So I have a few screenshots of the problem. It happens in every source game, but more so in Garry’s Mod. It recovers after a minute or so but is very annoying. Help appreciated!:cheers:

Anything else you need? Just ask! =D

Well, your PC configuration :stuck_out_tongue:

Graphics card specs, most importantly. Although at least yours appears to support dx9, so that’s good.

He’s propably running an Intel GMA, in which case he’s fucked.

It appears to run fine, but having aero on is a no-no for games. Go into fullscreen and see if that works.

Happens in full screen as well, and I have a Geforce 8800GTX.

Huh. Does it happen in any other graphics-intensive, non-source engine games? post a screenshot of your temps

Try to update your graphic card drivers.

Did that and nothing.


Doing this now.


Well I found the problem. My GPU gets to 110 FUCKING DEGREES! :wtc: When it hits 110, the problem occurs. So, I suspected that it might be this retard fan that was put in the worst place on the motherboard for a fucking gaming motherboard. On the chipset blowing all the CPU heat and Chipset heat to the fucking GPU. Good design. So I remove that and the temps are about 5 degrees cooler and so far no more bug. So, I will address the cooling issues later and probably get some new more powerful fans or a new case.



During GMOD usage:

During barrel spam:

During the problem:

Idle after the problem fan was disconnected:

GMOD after the problem fan was disconnected: