Graphics problems

i just updated my version of wire, and all of a sudden, I am getting wierd graphics issues with all of gmod. first, I see little out-of place boxes on the screen (a 5x10 px section that has moved from it’s original place on the screen), and the “coolvetica” font on the loading screens has been replaced with a typewriter-looking font. This problem seems to be contained only to Gmod and the steam Ingame from gmod. I have Windows Vista h.p. x64, with an ATI Raedon HD 4800 GFX card. i’m fairly sure my drivers are up-to date. Here is an example of what I see.

again, this just started happening. any help would be appreciated.

Try changeing the resolution, and detail in advanced settings.

Post-Post fixing bump
Turned out that i had the 2nd-most recent GFX drivers. Updating the drivers helped.