Graphics settings are stuck at the default

I have been setting texture, shader, and shadow detail to low, as well as disabling colour correction and antialiasing and setting the filtering to bilinear
This will work until I quit Garry’s Mod, but then I have to reset everything again back to the lowest when I start it up again.

Why is it doing this?

It does the exact same thing to me, I set everything to max, shut of Garry’s Mod, and when it comes back on, all my settings are reset.

Bumping for support

This isn’t a gmod problem for I don’t have a similar issue. Most likely an issue with Steam Cloud downloading the same settings over and over, while not saving the changes you make. Try going into steam, right on gmod, go to Properties, Updates tab, then uncheck “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for Garry’s Mod”. See if that helps. If that’s the case, change your settings, and re-enable steam cloud synchronization, and it should upload the new settings.

The Steam Cloud checkbox is checked already.

Restarted Steam and GMod multiple times with the Steam Cloud sync checked and unchecked.
It’s not helping

Try manually changing your settings in the config file for gmod then set it to “Read Only”, if that doesn’t work I dunno mate. I could probably figure it out if I were there, but for obvious reasons that’s probably the line not worth crossing :eng101: