Graphics Stuttering

I am not sure if this is a graphical problem or a connection issue. Every minute or so the game stutters a bit (sounds repeat, animations replay). I have tried to install the 64 unity player but the game still tells me to install the regular web player. My specs are as follows: (laptop btw)
i7 3630QM 2.4ghz
8 gb ram
nvidia 750m 2gb

While not top of the line, this machine shouldn’t have trouble running this game. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Maybe I am the only one with this issue?

Did you try to reduce the settings? Or have you tried writing in the console (hit f1) grass.on false?
Because I have a shittier laptop than yours, and I don’t feel the stuttering.

I turned the settings all the way down and I have turned of grass. I have tried both the 64bit and 32bit versions of Unity as well. The incidents resemble a cd skipping. Like it will loop sounds and animations for half a second.

I am having the same exact issue. I’m running an i7 with 8gb ram and 750gt. My home pc, with lesser specs, does not have this issue. What is going on? Anyone figure this out