Grappling Hook v3.3

I noticed that my grapple hook has gotten pretty popular lately, so I’m posting here to ask for any suggestions / bug reports anyone has. I’m glad you guys like it, an update killed it ages ago, but it looks like its alive and kicking now!

If it’s a SWEP, then put it into a bind so we can bind it to a key. I’m sorry, but I haven’t DLed it yet.

I have a modified version of this i have been using since the original grappelhook, i have been meaning to ask if i could upload it. You get credit for the base scripting.

Sure, I put this under the MIT Licence, so feel free to upload it as long as I get credit. What version did you derive it from? Anything before 3.0 is from Hxrmn, after that he passed the project on to me. What is different in yours?

I did not do much to it, just a few small things.

Changed the distance/model/sounds

but it was just small preferences i had, kinda makes it feel less garrysmodish and more like… a spy or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, well if you really want to upload it I’m not stopping you, just give me credit and make it clear that it’s not the original.

Don’t worry, i would never take credit from anyone…

which is why i dont upload much… because im not great at scripting… i can just modify :expressionless:

I was thinking of doing the same, ofcourse not releasing it but modifying it to be more realistic.

Can’t find a proper model though…

I enjoy using a deagle for the model… makes it feel sorta like james bond

i want that

how do i get that

You know your using the HL2 sniper gun for model. I was wondering if you cud make it so we can use the scope so we can see smaller things easier and further away things.


PS Great swep btw.


double request

triple request

quad request

Ok ok it is up, just got around to getting screenshots (finally)

Just search grappling hook should be titled “Gex’s Grappling Hook”

cool thanks bro