Grass MAC issue

Hi there.

Yesterday i read a fine suggestion to turn off the grass to improve performance. That seems cool since i havent been able to play since “the grass” entered the world. I could play before.

Problem is, i cant get the menu to show? Im supposed to press F1, but apple are such geniouses that when i press F1 the lights on my screen gets less bright, and nothing else happens (!). can some1 please tell me what to do about this? I really wanna see if turning of the grass helps.

Ty :zoid:

Step 1) Locate trashcan.
Step 2) Place Mac in trashcan.
Step 3) Buy a PC.

There’s a n F key on the mac, hold it and press f1 :slight_smile:

does that turn the grass off?

wait i know how i have a mac my self and all you half to do is go to system prefernces go on keyboard snd it should say use all f1 f2 …

Hold the “fn” key left of your left “CTRL” key, then press “f1”. Should bring up the console. Then you simply type whatever command it is for removing grass, something like :slight_smile:

Throw your macs and pcs in the bin and install ubunto !..Solves the grass problem too…The downside is that Rust won’t run at all…(yet!)

You get the F1 (console) open and then you write in it: “” Without the quotes ofcourse.
And how you’d expect it: turn it on is grass.on
Glad I helped.

You type grass.on false, not (unless it changed)

Yup it might be what you posted.

Just checked to make sure.

Thanks a lot guys!

Appreciate it :dance:

As dumb as this is… you’re trying to play games on a Mac. You’re doing it wrong.