Grass models?

I’m working on a post-apoc/zombie apocalypse map and I was wondering if there are any good grass models out there.

So far my search has been unsuccessful so it would be great if anyone could post a link or make some for me.

Let me explain what I need a little better; the map’s located (this is relevant) in a small city that has been overrun my zombies. It’s a good few years since the outbreak so I want the place to be rusty, fucked up and have shit growing in places. I need some grass models to put in random places like on cars, in roads (that’s come up through the concrete - so in a crack shape) growing in doorways etc.

Any help/links/advice is great.


Any help?

I’d really appreciate it.

Generally people use sprites rather than models for grass.

I know, but in this case, I would need a model.

I guess I could use sprites but it would be a pain in the arse to make them look right; a model’s the easier solution.

No one? Really?

Someone should make a custom grass sprite that’s way more high res and such.
That could be really usefull for mapping.

I’m guessing that means no one knows of any nor are they willing to attempt it?