grass.on false not working for me!

The grass.on false command is not working for me, and its really irritating that others got it to work…

try grass.on false with no forward slash?

Yeah the same thing is happening to me. However, the command used to work and now it no longer does. Maybe it’s an OSX thing? I would like some feedback on how to fix this.

Im running windows 7 pro and its working just fine for me still.

Well it’s certainly not working for me, not anymore, and I’m not sure why.

it could be a code issue with the mac version…but definitely worthy of bug report…imo

IIRC there is actually a config file somewhere in the rust folder that you can type it into and it will disable it on start up. I’m not at my home PC so can’t check exactly but it is pretty obvious if you look for it.

They should disable that you can turn this off. The only reason people will use this is actually to cheat.
Seeing people easyier with this sounds like cheating to me…

there should be a config.cfg files in the game directory. add grass.on false to it. if it still doesn’t work, try config.load in the console after you have edited the config.cfg

People use this to get better FPS and fix the annoying flashing grass glitches. We don’t all have home-built gaming PCs

typically grass has nearly always been a thing that will be a clients decision, because most of the time, any games with significant grass will have a foliage option in the menus. so it’s entirely dependent on the client regardless in 9/10 games, imo anyway.

considering there is pretty much no graphical options for rust right now, grass.on false should stay.

I understand that people want to get better fps for not so good machines. But ofcourse there will be people abusing this, i think that part is cheating that’s what i meant.

You can’t see people easier with grass off, because you can’t go prone anyway.

For the people who can’t turn it off: Are you using Nvidia or AMD graphics? I think it’s still turned off by default on Nvidia cards because it was buggy.

crouching still heavily obscures you. especially if there’s an elevation separation or if you’re a great distance away.

additionally, grass is very effective at hiding satchels of loot. with grass off, these satchels are extremely visible.

disabling grass gives players a huge advantage and completely ruins an element of the game that adds a lot to the immersion and the gameplay. it should not be allowed (after the bugs are fixed). i don’t care if you’re trying to play this game on a toaster- that doesn’t excuse you from playing on an even level with everyone else.

No it doesn’t, because it is very short grass. It doesn’t even get drawn at a great distance away… and Garry has already said that loot bags being hidden in the grass is not intended. He wants them to be easier to see. That’s one of the reasons grass displacement was added, but that was buggy too I think.

And grass is completely bugged on Nvidia cards, which is at least half of all players.

You should be more worried about people using crosshair overlays to get a real advantage over other players.

I think the game just looks better with the grass off, so I always turn mine off. It’s still flickering for some people. I wish they’d just remove it. At least give me an official option that saves so I don’t have to go into console and turn it off every time I log in.


I’ve edited the config and it still doesn’t seem to work.

try grass.on_false

Still not working.