Why even have it on?

I guess it’s pretty, and with the lack of other things on the map (all we got so far are trees, grass and rocks) I suppose it has its’ place but…

With grass on you can’t see bags from people you’ve killed, or finding bags when you die. Unless you’re right up next to them. It makes it easier to see resources, people animals with the grass off…

I think that if it’s in the game, you shouldn’t be able to turn it off. It gives a gameplay advantage to people with it off (visibility of people, resources and animals).

Or am I way off base here?

I’m guessing, but I think that will eventually be the plan - makes no sense otherwise. However right now the game has some issues, and killing the grass render frees up enough on your computer to handle it.

I agree, regularly grass should be activated and there should be no possibility to deactivate.
But due the performance issues, I understand why many people disable it.

Overall the map looks much better when grass is activated - I say legalize it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and keep it on!

The advantage of disabled grass is truly immense. New players often haven’t read forums etc. and just don’t know how to disable. There should be server side rule - grass.on false or true for everyone. So players can decide to play on a server they choose.

This is exactly why it’s currently optional. garry has said that he will take away the ability to disable it when grass’s performance is under control.

I kinda liked it in the beginning. You had to remember where your enemy was standing, it added something to my first survival experiences, but became a pain in the ass later on.

I’d love if the grass was a little bit sparser so you could actually make out stuff in it.

That’s what I presume! Thanks for your feedback