I like the Grass in Rust Experimental. I also like the fact you cannot see bear traps placed in it. But what I don’t like is that you can turn grass off altogether. Grass in my opinion should be forced on at all times.

You got no understanding for people like me with low frame rates. Do you think my laptop from 2007 can handle that or?

As before, grass is temporarily disableable. This is not permanent. The devs are testing things.

Have you seen much of a change to frame rates with grass off? I’ve defaulted to off to see items on the ground better, but I haven’t noticed much of an FPS boost. I’d like to see it forced on again, but I think the option will remain until the game is more optimized.

I noticed an fps boost when they first gave us the option but checked it yesterday with almost no difference to fps

ETA I am running a pretty good PC though so not sure if it would effect lower spec

grass is just so much clutter. im glade you can turn it off.
drop loot to a friend cant even see it cause of the grass. yay that is so fun

FYI: Turning off grass to get much better FPS is a myth. It worked in Legacy which is why it now works as a placebo in Experimental.

Yes it influences FPS but by the smallest margin. The last reason why your FPS is shit is grass.