GRate - Official Thread for News & Updates
This is the official thread for all news and updates regarding the new GRate website. During development, you may post your feedback & suggestions here.

What Is GRate?
GRate is a Garrys MOD 10 server rating website. You can vote for your favourite servers. If you are a server owner you can install our GRate Addon which allow players to vote for your server in game.

How Does Voting Work?
Voting can take place either from the website or in-game. You can only vote “for” a server, you cannot vote “down” a server. Why? The reason we decided to take away the vote down is to stop large communities going to a smaller community and mass voting them down. You will only be able to vote once per server.



Meekal - Web Design
Hacksore - PHP Programmer & Javascript
[NUKE] Snipe - Forums Administrator
KingOfBeast - LUA Coder
DrJenkins - OP & Initial Idea
Knoxed - Added Social Icons Above Logo

Apparently I cant add my server I just get a box saying HTML

That is still under development, I’ll add a notice so people know.

Thank You for Credit <3


I can help with PHP and Lua if you still require help, I’ve worked with SourceBans, not apart of the team but more of a person that helped post patches for things.

I suggest making your border around the CP, News Feed, etc. 2px, same for the rounded border. 1px with rounded border looks terrible.

Sure, add me on Steam.

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If any of you have noticed the Top 10 & Vote page are getting 404 errors, I think the server query script hangs if a server is not responding. All listed servers are back on line now.

Try to cache the servers, run it on cronjobs.

Do you realize that running cronjobs at the same time on what I assume will be a considerably amount of servers will rape your server?

So, is this secured against faking votes or are the identities of the voters verfied?

We will be using SteamID & IP to stop one person voting more than once for one server. It currently uses IP. We have also decided to use Steam as our main login, which will also verify ownership of Gmod 10.

why use IP, just use SteamID.

make sure it doesn’t let them register unless they own GMod (good)


Very worst case scenario is GRate becomes really popular and someone buys 50 copies of Gmod during the sales to boost his servers votes and Garry sits in the corner giggling.

I’m sorry, but buying $500 worth of GMod accounts to promote a server is a bit…stupid.

You’d be very very surprised by what some people will do…

also this is a really cool idea, it’d be interesting( especially for the roleplaying community ), to see statistics on servers. Don’t you think?

I agree that this is an awesome idea, and this would help sort out the good servers from the bad.

If you need any help with the lua side of things, feel free to PM me or add me on steam. My steam name’s shadowndacorner.

My biggest worry, however, is that larger communities will “reward” their players for spamming ratings.

You can also use html panels or whatever to fake votes.

With Steam API + GMod ownership verification, how do you figure.