Grate shadows

So, I’m wanting to have grates casting shadows like this: (Does Facepunch not have image embedding?)

So, I tried just putting a brush with a grate texture infront, but it has no effect at all.

Any ideas on how it was done in the screenshot above?

My guess is block light brushes.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t EP2 bring the feature of shining light through transparent textures?

But that would block all light, wouldn’t it?

I’m trying to get the pattern from the grate, like in the screenshot.

ep2 engine supports this (every game in 2009 hammer)

Compile VRAD with -textureshadows and lower the lightmap scale on the wall and ceiling to something like 4 or so.



Thanks for the quick replays. I am using 2009 engine, Firegod, by compile VRAD, do you mean set RAD to normal? or is Vrad a different compiler?


There’s a text box at the bottom of the default compile window:

Type “-TextureShadows” into the Additional Game Parameters box.

Oh, I thought with him saying VRAD, I had to do somthing else.

I tried adding “-TextureShadows” But it still looks like this:
As you can see, it just ignores the grate texture, what am I doing wrong?

Did you lower the lightmapscale on the ground?



And I believe it’s made with env_projectedtexture, don’t ask me how as I have never worked with it.

Boy those shadows sure are… great.

They look too sharp to be env_projectedtexture.
Though you never know.

Example of env_projectedtexture:

Looks quite the same sharpness as in OP… If not more?

I know what env_projectedtexture looks like. Usually they are really gradient.

Yeah he did, you can tell from the shadow crispness from the walls.

Oh wait, -textureshadows only work for props. :smith:

God dammit. Guess it is env_projectedtextures… Or just a lot of block light brushes?

Or it could have an alpha channel to the texture, I’m gonna run a test real quick.


Its a model.

Right, I’ve done projected textures, problem is, it does the same to my flashlight, anyway to fix this?