Graveyard Shift (Prototype's Edit) plus 2 bonususes

Big thanks to Prototype (Rod) for these sexilishious edits of my neglected pieces o’ Shite

this last one is Proto’s scenebuild, lookin’ purdy

Impressive. I dunno about you but the sharpen seemed a little overdone. Unless hurting my eyes is a good thing.

the second one doesn’t look any good
the contrast is just kind of assy on it
can you upload the original of that?


here, I fucked it up from the beginning anyway. lost the save


I tried lowering the contrast but uh, just made everything blurry. Since I’m more or less still “starting” on learning all of this, I don’t really know a good fix for it.
Here’s this:

Who’s the guy with the axe in the second one? Is that a strogg? Kinda looks like a Muton from the new Xcom game, but he’s not quite big enough…

It’s a strogg on a partial BLR body if I’m not mistaken.

I like the first one, second one is okay.

The scenebuild Protype did is also okay, a little too much empty space in my opinion and the lighting is also a bit bland, other than that it’s a nice scene.

I changed the angle later on, but the lights kept bugging out so I reverted to an older version of it. It was almost my first scenebuild, so I’ll try and get better at it.

I really like that first one.