Gravity Controller V4

Gravity Controller V4.1

Changelog: (since V3)
[li] made variables system for proper adv-duping
[/li][li] updating stool, only shows what you need
[/li][li] added a bunch of stuff

None yet, but just because YOU haven’t found them yet.

[li] Disables gravity for whole contrapion
[/li][li] Brakes in air, either same strength on every axis or seperately on every axis
[/li][li] Hovermode: lets every GC on a contrapion hover on a certain height, or a certain height above ground
[/li][li] SGA Powernode Mode: Keeps Stargates in air and place
[/li][li] Model/Sound: either choose from the list or specify path yourself
[/li][li] Numpad/Wire controlled
[/li][li] Variables system rewritten, no more duplicator bugs
[/li][li] When clicking at a stargate in Powernode Mode, 3 GC’s get placed and welded in right position
[/li][li] Tool updates, only shows needed options (eg if you choose global brake, the local brake sliders disappear)
[/li][li] Glowing, optional blue sprite when activated

[li] malawa for his original airbrake stool (though none of his code is currently in use, but it helped a lot)
[/li][li] ColSheppard for his first Powernode Model
[/li][li] Cebt for his much more awesome Powernode Model
[/li][li] aVoN for coding the right way, helps a lot :stuck_out_tongue:
[/li][li] GMod Wiki and everyone who made the articles I had to look at



Looks good! Well done!

Yes! Finally a version 4! I love it!

Awesome, no more bugs and easy spacegates. You sir have done very well.

Welt is awesome no matter how you look at it. :3

Why does the last picture remind me of something? :smiley:

hmmmm…and a working dl link yay!

does it have wire inputs also?

I would like to suggest that perhaps if and when aVoN adds power to the gates, perhaps this could be used to power the gates on a slow regeneration rate, so it takes like 5 minutes to recharge completely, but has enough power for the gate being active for a reasonable amount of time?

I used this last when it was on version 2 i think and I loved it then, I will love it now :smiley:
well done WeltEnSTurm

If anybody wonders why I didn’t upload it to
I got banned there, apparently for no reason. D:

The Stargate thing, forgot the name, looks quite blocky :v:

erm what?

Looks blocky.

Maybe a little, but that means it’s light

Pretty sure there is also a model of the actual SGA powernode. The old ones had that model and the one that looks right.
I was right, there is. But when you put it on, it’s sideways…

Hovermode doesn’t seem to work for me. I don’t see any errors when I try activating it either. Is there a specific rotational orientation they are supposed to be placed at?

I don’t think so, try to make it faster, and be sure to put them at same level.
Try with phx plate first.

I have “relative to ground” checked, so they should all hover X amount of units above the surface below them, right?

If you spawn them with relative to ground, they will use a tracer down relative to the spawn angle.
Set your contraption to the position you want it, dupe and spawn it. It should work now.

Nobody noticed it was gone…
Reupped it.

Oh ****. I just noticed it lags like hell when turning it on on a big contrapion. I think I’ll stop posting my stuff here, I don’t get feedback anyways.