Gravity gun and constraint.Weld

So I made a entity for darkrp mostly when it colides with my drug plant thingy it welds with it, I managed to make it no colide with anything with SetSolid(SOLID_NONE) but now i need to know how to make it so it wouldnt spaz my drug plant when I gravity gun pick it up. How to make it so my entity wouldnt affect the drug plant by making it spaz and get out of control and fly out of the gravity gun’s grasp?

Anyone can help?


new example: i spawn prop A and spawn prop B, weld prop B to prop A and then pick prop A up with grav gun, but prop A starts to spaz in the grav guns grasp. How to make it so it woulndt spaz on pickup like the same as if prop B wouldnt be welded to prop A

Fixed with SetParent.