Gravity gun at the end of HL2

does any one know if there is a mod or console command to get that blue gravity gun that picks up ragdolls that you get at the end of HL2? that thing is so much more fun to use than the regular orange one.

The Super Gravity Gun? I don’t know of a way.
To make this post less pointless:
Google is your friend.

The super gravity gun usually has to be enabled in the map by the mapper, then the user can pick one up or console command one. The command is something along the lines of “physcannon_megacannon 1”

It might work, no promises though.

I thought the physgun was the super gravity gun, just with altered code for Gmod


That’s why if you load the HL2 final map the combine takes the phys gun off you

The physgun was originally in HL2 but it was replaced by the gravity gun.

So it was still in the HL2 files and Garry just used it?


But that still doesn’t explain why the combine takes it and not the gravity gun off you

You can not get that organic gravity gun in garrys mod. Console or not.

You will have to code a weapon.

It was in HL2 code, but garry modefied it to rotate and freeze.

Also, he took away the ability to grab and punt, so the Physgun is basically not a Gravity Gun at all.

Just a fucking giant hand which extended to your harts content.

There’s this one. It’s similar but not 100% like the original. I’m not sure, but a new update may have stopped it from working. It could just be conflicting with another one of my addons though, so it’s definitely worth a try.

There are also convars to increase the power of the regular grav gun, but it still won’t be like the super (no killing or picking up ragdolls, but picking up the heaviest of props and hurling them across GM_Construct is possible).

I remember reading that the reason why that gun didn’t last was because it was too unstable for the hl2. I doubt Garry would allow that gun. You can use a console command to make the gravgun stronger but cant pick up npcs or tear things off the wall