Gravity gun "beam" ?

so is there any way to remove the beam of the gravity gun like when i use camera and hold something with gravity gun it shows the beam on the camera screen, i hope you guys understanded ^^

Wrong section buddy

yeah i think so too but does anyone know ?

In your GMOD options. In the Q menu, click the tab on the farthest right, then on the little menu also to the right there are other options. Like hiding the Phys gun beam.

lololol… [sp]wrong section…[/sp] k press Q click options , click hiding and uncheck physgun beam

____________(^ late)

i mean gravity gun! not phys gun… when im on the camera screen and hold with something with gravity gun it shows like electric thingy there ;l

You can’t do that then
Why would you want to hide that anyway

Are you trying to show it for camera?

freeze it in front of you…