Gravity Gun Glow back?

how do I get the gravity gun glow back? I think it looks cool so i want it back.

I am also having difficulities in making it work.
It is boring to only have the PhysGun glow in firstperson view.
The both of them glows in third person view which is strange in my opinion.

Yeah I find it odd too. making the glow texture for the gravity gun doesn’t do anything which is… well, lame.

Hello does anyone know how to make the viewmodel glow again?
Please tell the answere as a tutorial or something in that way.

LAME! I’ve been trying to get RID of mine forEVER!

Seriously how do you get them both glow!?

I just leave it alone, I didn’t DO anything. I’ve been trying to GET RID of it.

if that is so then maybe have af fresh gmod then may come back?

I would be guessing that some files are missing. Where are the firstperson glowsprites located?

I believe its in garrysmod/materials/sprites

I can only find physg_glow1 and physg_glow2

thata for physgun, not gravity. plus those of VMT files not VTF files which we are looking for.
it should be one of these:


I have those but nothing shows.

I have got them too, I see them like this:





As strange as it is.
Noone of them shows up on the GravityGun in firstperson view.
Only the “beam” orangelight1 when I shoot stuff away with the GravityGun.

I seriously want to have my GravityGun working because I need it to work. When it is not glowing it looks really bad.

I think the recent gmod update fixed this now.

Yeah now it works fine.