Gravity Gun Missing?

Hello, I’ve just encountered this error my Gravity Gun is not listed in the qmenu neither can I give it to myself, I’ve try updating my steam to make sure the base files weren’t broken and I’m running DarkRP.

**If it’s a code error: **The gravity gun is called “physcannon” as is usually located within your addons/darkrpmodifications/lua/darkrp_config/settings.lua

check lines 329, 338, 393 they should contain the code for phys cannon.

329 - [“weapon_physcannon”] = true,

338 - “weapon_physcannon”,

393 - “weapon_physcannon”,

If it’s just not appearing anywhere

Check the weapons folder in your darkrp server files. It sounds like the phys cannon has been deleted or over ridden from the entities or weapons lua.

If you can’t find it, I would highly recommend you download your important server files and reinstall DarkRP(gmod).

If you’re on singleplayer, uninstall garrys mod and re-install.

Yeah it’s missing from the weapons folder and CFG

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Weird for some reason I can still give myself it, the mistake I made was I thought it was called weapon_gravity it’s still missing from my qmenu tho.