Gravity Gun not working on DarkRP 2.5 server

First I would like to say that I was using administration addons (ulx, evolve, assmod) to see which I would like to use for my server. After completely removing the addons from the servers addons folder, the gravity gun won’t let me pick money or weapons up with right click. When I try to right click on the entity, “World Prop” appears in red font in the middle of the screen. While using the admin addons I mentioned, I also never disallowed the gravity gun to not be able to pick up world entities (other than the defaults, which the “spawned money” entity is already under).

Is there a way that maybe some files were left behind in other folder locations other than the addons folder that could still be creating a restriction to the gravity gun? Or could it be a problem with a configuration problem within the darkrpmod addon?

Some convars probably got modified because DarkRP recognized an admin mod. Try a reinstall of the core files. If that doesn’t work, delete any evolve/ULX/Assmod stuff in you data folder.

I reinstalled the core files to my server dir. i saved a backup of the old server.cfg, darkrpdmod addon, aswell as the .gmas so i dont have to wait for the server to redownload them and still even before I transferred the backed up files, the gravity gun still isnt able to pick up money or weapons or anything from the F4 menu for that matter. It can however pick up my spawned props. Are there any gravity gun convars you can think of that I could check really quick?