Gravity gun, remodel

Anybody willing to do a gravity gun remodel that looks like this?

The black bits are the metal cage on it and the blue bit is the beam I am going to code in (using a particle system maybe).

Thanks in advance.


I’ll have a look and see if I can hack it together for you.

that pic is from the world model, you want a low poly model or like the view model (“high poly”)?

A world model and a player view model.

Also, could you replace the gravity gun metal with a kind of shiny white metal?

Can’t do viewmodels. Find someone else, sorry.

Well then.

Anybody that can do view models + player (high poly) models?

I mean, it would be just a simple retexture and deleting part of a model.


I don’t think you understand how intricate and painful viewmodels can be to work with.

Sorry then.