Gravity gun still shows signs of super gravity gun!

I believe I’ve uncovered something very interesting about the gravity gun and I’l show you the steps to do it, aswell, I will have a video as proof!

I will make ragdolls be able to be picked up by the gravity gun, along with some other intersting things that happen when i do it.

I’l be staying the steps to doing this in the video, but heres the steps, and thank Russ for the video.


  1. Get out your physical properties tool.
  2. Uncheck the gravity toggle in the tool.
  3. Click over all the parts of the ragdoll(head, foot, leg, ect.).
  4. The ragdoll should no longer have gravity.
  5. Get your gravity gun out, and pick up the ragdoll.

Cannot pickup antlion guard, strider, or DOG ragdolls(there may be more).
When shooting the ragdols away with the gravity gun, they sometimes disapear, only for a few seconds, then reappear.
With no gravity, on ALL ragdolls, you can shoot them away with the gravity gun(left click only).
When shooting away COMBINE and certain others, the will make that white electrical effect. You’l remember the effect from HL2, when you shot combine away with the super gravity gun.

Please write back if you uncover anything more about this.

Video in Russ’s response.

OP is The Christmas Cactus

People need to know this, garry aswell may wanna know


it’s cool dawg


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I wonder why it has never been possible to have Super Grav gun in GMOD

It has, ship. Play the level(s) where you get it and you get the super.

That’s because the super gravity gun being enabled is a map setting.

I think people should know about it because its cool, and also, because their might be some other things we dont know that it can do.

The weapons will fall on the ground near where you got stuck. Noclip out and pick them up. Simple.

What should i do if i wanted it?

It’s an intended thing, as with no gravity the ragdoll essentially has no mass, allowing this effect. It’s not a bug.

So what if it is an intended thing? Did we say it was not?

No gravity means no weight. If you have no mass, you’re not there. Nonexistant. Using the gravity toggle button will toggle the gravity, not remove mass or weight.

Did we say it was a bug, either? Nope…

Honestly I don’t remember. I think you take a weapon_physcannon and in the flags, set it to “Super Gravity Gun” but I may be wrong.

How is this related at all to anything?

Really man? No mass means that ITS NOT THERE, in other words, for something to be without mass, would not be ANYTHING. Mass = atoms, no mass = no atoms/nothing. And last time I checked, gravity really doesnt effect something without mass because something without mass is made of no mass, and has no gravitational pull, while clearly the ragdoll is still there and has mass, and therefore can be pulled toward you. So no, your wrong, and when did i call it a bug?

I think most people knew this in there first 2-3 weeks of playing.

Yeah this is pretty well known.

How do you know it’s well known, exactly? It’s been shown in one or two machinamas from the earlier days of gmod9. Not everybody knows about something just because you do.

Nobody said this was the next revolutionary thing or anything, but it’s still cool.

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