Gravity Hull Designator - a true Localized Physics mod

So it works like the gravity walks from Prey?

First thing I thought of.

Holy shit, no more having to use seats if you’re going into space in spacebuild, etc.

Oh wow, I will definately play Gmod again if spacebuild makes an epic relaunch with this sorta stuff going down.

I ** fucking love you, OP **

Also, possibly the best first post in the history of Facepunch. Good work.

Edit: 69th post. (Sex Joke Here)

I don’t usually post in the lua section, but god damn this is so fucking ingenious. Have a lua king!

This is beautiful.

Like, son. You brought tears to my eyes beautiful.

I want to marry you now. Please tell me there’s a place where we can test this.

Anybody remember the Hoverboard Garry was standing on without falling off in the Gmod trailer?

You have fulfilled the only thing Gmod was missing in terms of physics, you fixed the shitty standing on props.

Have all my babies.

I’m going to have wet dreams about this. Good thing it comes out tommorow!

And then Valve hires the OP to work on Portal 3. :colbert:

This is one of those things that would’ve kept me playing Gmod had it been released a couple of years ago. I might reinstall it just to use this though, because it’s something I’ve wanted to see for ages. I remember when we had to use hoverballs for our massive ships that we wanted to walk about in, or alternately have to sit in a seat. Can you still use constraints with it or should this tool be the very last thing used on the contraption?

In fact I’m re-downloading Gmod now. Oh god the endless hours of downloading model packs, wire etc

Also where can we test this?

Interesting, to say the least.

This looks very nice, is their a limit the the amount of times the tool can be used because like you said it finds a space on the map and just tricks the clients view so how are you finding the free space.

The space shouldn’t be an issue since we have the ShouldCollide hook.

Also this is awesome:unsmith:

Reading the OP of a thread helps.

Wall… walking… IN GMOD?!


holy shit. When this is released I might just get back into gmod again. I’ve been bored with tanks and flying things from chairs, with this I could actually make a vehicle controlled by an honest to god control panel. This is amazing!

We can stand inside helicopters. Fuck yeah.