Gravity Hull Designator Shaking how fix?

I put the Gravity Hull into a Prop but when i stay on the prop my Hands start shaking like crazy why that? Have someway to fix?

Its not just me, some friends in my server and other servers are having the same problem.

PS. I’m using the last Gravity Hull SVN Version

First of all i’m going to point out that some people might take what you said as your hand in real life started shaking so you might want to re word it. (Sorry its a habit)

Any who about that hand shaking thing what props are you using?

Any prop, the PHX Plates for example.

My Hands start shaking and RC Camera are not showing people inside the vehicle or box, it showing outside the vehicle or prop.

I Saw that is the problem, When you put Gravity Hull in any plate then go over it, and Press E, Your hands start Shaking!!

Example go to Useful construction props and spawn a Trash Dumpster (models/props_junk/TrashDumpster02.mdl) then use gravity hull, then put the Prop on a vertical position just jump in and you will see!

Gravity hull have a lot of problems, Like RT Cameras, Physgun Beam (Not showing), A Player Title (Text hover player’s head) not showing, I Cant move any prop inside a Box(Por example) and 100 more.

The problem is this tool is the only one can “remove” water from prop

So like how much does it shake?
Like alot or just a little? Also my Gmod is being aggravating atm so I can’t see for my self D: (I made a topic and im hoping for a answer)

Any ways if you’r shaking like real bad then whats going on but a small shake I believe that’s normal.

Hands shaking since when is normal? (Shaking A LOT to up and down like crazy)