Gravity on a specified point?

Is there a way to choose where the map’s gravity is centered? I made a large sphere, and is there any way to make the gravity centered in the middle of the sphere, so that you can walk all the way around the sphere?

Source is not Serious Sam.

unfortunately, that’s what I thought.

I guess a larger sphere around that one made of trigger_push.

That’s as close as I can get, and that won’t stop the player from falling off the edge.

Unfortunately, it won’t be a true gravitational axis. Their player models won’t adhere to the surface, they’ll just be stuck to the sphere. Your only option is to push down on the top.

Antigravity, can be achieved with a trigger_physmovement (or something similair), and just lower the 1.0 scale of gravity to 0.2 or something. 0 is antigrav.

You mean trigger_VPhysics_motion.

Point gravity is still impossible in source without lua, I know the Ulysses team were working on something similar at one point.

point_push. It will work on props but not on people

Works on people too just doesn’t change their orientation.

ye, you just need to play with the flags