Gravity & Physics Gloves

As you may know, there are so many YouTube videos with people using them, so I tried to search everywhere for them. & have only outdated versions (GM9). I’ve seen so many people here asking for them here, so I tried to search for them. What did I got? “Sorry, searching is limited to moderators and gold members right now”. Then, I tried to search @ with What did I got? A bunch of topics with old url syntax, so I couldn’t open them.

To finish, does anyone have fully funcional G&P Gloves?

Aren’t models like that usable in both Gmod 9 and 10?

At least all the versions I’ve downloaded didn’t work at the current version of GM, they didn’t even appear at extensions menu.

Only extract the models and materials folder.

Would I extract them into a folder @ addons folder or to garrysmod folder?

To the ‘Garrysmod’ folder.

X:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/yourusername/garrysmod/garrysmod should be the location.

Gravity Gun worked, but Physics Gun didn’t. What should I do? You can get the models here.

it’s work, if you renaming it to physgun

Ok, but now I’m having another issue. Even after selecting it at the settings menu, the blue beam still shows up. Do you know what’s the commands so I can put it @ autoexec?

The lazor or the light?

it is like that. the beam will all ways show up. If you want to disable it, press Q, Option, Visual Setting, Draw Physgun Beam.

its the blue laser that comes out from physics gun. i tried that, but its always enabled after i close gmod. if there was a command, i could put it @ autorun. sorry, both caps and shift are broken lol

you mean physgun_drawbeam? or something like that

Exactly. Thanks :wink: