gravity rush characters

hello, so recently i saw somthing about a sequel to gravity rush being released or something, and it made me realize, no one has ported them or anything yet. they look CGI-ish, so they’d fit well in the TF2 maps. could someone port some of the characters please? even just the main characters

here’s a link to images of the characters

You’ll find sir, that you are quite wrong;

It should work on gmod as is too, although ragdoll physics will not work unless the original porter added a collision mesh.

huh…well…i guess i WAS wrong (assuming it works in gmod)

I don’t use Gmod for anything other than model retrieval from its workshop. But as Portugalotaku said, it should work so long as it has a collision mesh

Even if it does not have a collision mesh it can still work as a rigged prop.

Funny, model retrieval from it’s workshop is the only reason I use SFM. What a weird coincidence :v: