Gravity Rust [US East] HalfCraft | DoorShare | BasicEcon | Groups | Kits | OwnerRemover | TPA


So your new to the game or your server just wiped again out of the blue, like with us? Join our server started on 1/26! I am gearing the server to be a Rust server that I enjoy playing on with my friends and raiding large bases. Those who left their last server due to admin abuse can rest easy knowing admins can only Teleport, Ban, and Kick. I took away power to give items and change time so that everyone plays on a equal footing. If you see a big building it was built there by legit players with real time spent.

Server Information

To join the server, use the F1 button in the main menu to open the Rust Console. From there, enter:



We are gearing the server towards groups and raiding. Halfcraft is on so that someone has to take time to build up a siege structure outside your base rather then pull one out of thin air. C4 is craft-able making giant fortress able to be broken into. Groups are available so that large fire fights can break out and be enjoyed by both sides. Admins have very limited ability other then moderation to combat admin abuse. This server is designed to be enjoyed, if something feels off I will tweak it until it feels right. We are a 50 slot server now but when player number starts going above 35 I will bump up to 100 and so on from there.


  • Be good to each other.


Can I get admin/moderator? No, mods are people I know IRL and have very limited power (kick, ban, and tp).

What mods are installed? - Currently, we’re using Oxide with the following LUA plugins

  1. DoorShare (Obsolete with the new code system but some people like it more)
  2. BasicEcon (only a couple things available to buy but it adds a bit to kill zeds)
  3. Groups (group up with friends making it so they can’t hatchet you in the back)
  4. Kits (very basic starter kits are available one time)
  5. OwnerRemover (allows you to remove things you place on your on foundation, handy for fixing mess ups)
  6. Location (check your cords to see where you are on the map)
  7. Ping (Thing there is lag? type /ping)
  8. TPA (you get 3 teleports to your friends use them wisely)

Why your server? - Because I have seen too many crappy servers that go down, wipe, or have admin abuse on them that I wanted to make my own and actually enjoy playing the game.


There currently is no whitelist enabled.