GRAW2 Beretta RX4 Storm Request

Hi all, and this is another shitty question-request from me.
For some reason i can’t get my copy of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 to work. Always giving me errors when i’m launching it (both on XP and 7). Why i’m saying this: because i badly wanted to rip RX4 rifle from game (and probably HK45, but anyway).
So, if someone able to rip it from game (w/o any attachments), i will be very grateful for this. :smile:

There is an untextured one on FPS Banana; idk how much you need the textures - might not look bad with a VRay material and a grunge specular map thrown on.

You mean this one?
And i’m think i’m very crappy at making weapons textures from scratch (especially w/o UV-maps). :v: