Gray alien (Roswell type)

So I have a few desert maps and area 51 and the ufo, but I am looking specifically for a gray alien ragdoll the type that apparently died in the crash in Roswell. I know there was a fallout 3 alien ragdoll, but I cant seem to find it anymore.
If anyone could help me find one on the net or better yet, make a gray alien ragdoll. I would really appreciate it.


There was a model of the greys from Area 51 the video game around here somewhere, try searching it up it’ll probably come up somewhere

Just a thought, but maybe someone should port Destroy All Human files if its possible?

I support this with a burning passion.

That would be awesome haha I love that game.

And I found this.

unfortunately it hasn’t been updated in some time :frowning:

Well I don’t think thats a Gray, but if someone could update that and reskin/rescale it could probably be usable…
I really would like DAH models though, I’m gonna make a request thread for them, I hope to see you guys there :3

I already gave my endorsement, would be a great project.
But ya your right to tall to be a gray alien. These are the times I wish I knew how to model >_<

Me too >.<

I have compiled a list of games on steam that have models of Gray Aliens:
-Alien Hallway
-UFO: Afterlight
-UFO: Extraterrestrials Gold

I don’t know if the models from these games could be ported or not but it is worth a shot.

Guess what.

I asked for an alien port from the Area 51 game.

Some guy happened to have a model, but it wasn’t converted.

I happen to have it saved, waiting for the day.

For you. If you can find someone to convert it, I will love you.

And it is a Grey.

This model:

Also, Area 51 is free to download, but it’s no longer supported and runs like shit, if at all, on Windows 7 and Vista computers, so if anyone wants o rip directly form the game, you can find it about.

Nice, area 51 was a really tight game. These models would be perfect to be honest. Now just gotta find someone skilled enough to make one, and kind enough to do so.
That could be a whole other problem, seems like no one likes taking requests. in this pack there are the alien from fallout also i remember seen the mars attack one but now i can’t find it

We want the ones from Area 51 Blophead, not the Fallout 3 ones.

One last game I forgot to mention is Universe at War: Earth Assault, there are a few models of unit for the Hierarchy that look like Greys.

They are watching this thread, better not let em down. You don’t wanna get probed LoL

Is there anyone willing to rig and compile this model for Garry’s Mod out there?

Seems like the only way this is gonna get done is if one of us learn how to do this. Seems that requests around here go unnoticed by people, and they only make what they want.

Well, I wish I could rig them but I don’t have the money to buy the software needed to rig it, nor do I have the knowledge to use it. I know a few people that could do it but they are busy with other projects.

Im gonna bump this up, really would love a gray alien

Oooo thats a real nice model.