GrayRP is a gamemode that is aimed to be a mix between DarkRP and PERP. It will feature many things from different gamemodes having it’s inspiration from them. It takes place in a small American town in the mid-west.

There are many possibilities of things to do to keep occupied, and many ways the player is rewarded for the longer they play.

VIP - Mayor

Unlike in DarkRP the mayor here actually serves a purpose. The mayor is voted like in most RPs, and is upon winning the election tasked with keeping things running smoothly in the city.

The mayor is the one who appoints the Chief Of Police. The chief then is free to recruit officers as he pleases, as well as promote, demote, and other things with his subordinates. He also is in charge of managing the police department’s budget, which is given to them by the mayor. At the disposal of the police there are many ways to apprehend the many criminals there may be. The armor locker can be used to switch into a more heavy, but thicker armor which will reduce damage from some bullets and with others stop it altogether. To those who are trusted with keeping track of the armory, there is also many means to take down crooks. If all else fails, the National Guard may be deployed. If they are, authorities will cease attempting to detain any such person and will instead shoot to kill.

The mayor also manages the licenses of the citizens, able to give and revoke them freely. There are many licenses, but one of my favorites is the bounty hunter’s license, which lets you track down and kill criminals freely, as long as the mayor has put a reward on their head. There are other types of licenses as well, don’t worry though you don’t need a driver’s license. You do however need licenses for public transit, like taxis, etc.

so…its dark rp

Sounds like a great idea! Let’s combine DarkRP, which everyone hates, with PERP, which everyone hates!

I remember seeing a joke about that in a thread ages ago. Someone jokingly said that since we already have LightRP and DarkRP, someone should make GrayRP. Seems like that actually happened.

Seriously, though, why even bother? Everyone on here already hate DarkRP for what it turned into, and most people on here hate PERP for that very same reason. Combining the two is just asking for people to mock you.

Also, who would be the one coding this? Sounds like you gave some ideas but nothing about the actual creation of this gamemode.

I am coding it, it’s just been a bit slow doing so. It’s got a lot of stuff to put in after all.

What was DarkerRP or DarkestRP wasn’t it? Good times.

hey guys i have a great rp idea ill take x and y and put them together and call it (noun here) rp

but gray isn’t a noun it’s an adjective.


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They’re both correct

But everyone knows UK English is better gosh

Yes, I’m sure UK English is the centre of linguistic perfection.

I hate UK English. What’s the point of putting a U in all the ORs that begin with a consonant?

Looks like a piece of shit. First time I tried PERP I got random deathmatched 4 times in the first 5 minutes.

I get some things about UK English, and Colour just sounds the same as Color, so it makes sense (kinda). But the thing with the -er vs. the -re doesn’t make sense. If you were to pronounce centre as it’s spelled, you’d say “sentray.” But center would be “sentur”

Lol, boring english talk

Btw, when you said "The chief then is free to recruit officers as he pleases, as well as promote, demote, and other things with his subordinates. " did you mean like that you have to ask the Chief to become a police?
If so, you will have to get a server over 50 players to get it functional, you will need time for both recruiting and find the bad guys.
And if people get tired of their job, you will have to do find another job that i guess would take a long time, though multi-characters would fix this.

Well, if I look at words with a British accent they have more emphasis on different syllables and what not. Colour looks like how it would sound if a guy were to say it with a British accent. I don’t know how to explain it.

Dark RP is popular, at least in my perspective, because it puts people in a defaulted disadvantage.

When you finally get that gun, or another advantage, and noone else has it, you can go on a killing spree and feel good about yourself because you just 360noscoped that unarmed civilian over there.

Often the competition is never actually fair, and it makes people in the advantaged spot to be happy, there is no contest when you have a shotgun and your victim has his fists.

The ‘fun’ is getting to that advantage and then protecting it against others who have that same or larger advantage, and killing civilians or under armed cops in the mean-time.

With cops its the other way around, you start with an advantage and your sole purpose is to take everyone else down a notch, and prevent anyone from reaching the advantageous position.