GRD robot

The concept art I drew in this thread can also be found in the SBEP thread in the release section. Someone is, I think, modeling there, but I’d like to see if someone might be able to try as well, see if you can do better than him. Not that he’s doing bad. Anyway, here’s 2 concept pictures. The second picture is to give you a better view, but do not use that one for scale. Use the full body picture for scale.

The color difference is because I wanted to plan what color the GAD would be.

Alrighty, i started it, i made some bits up as i went along becuase i couldnt quite get what was going on in the picture but i dont think its that different

any chance you could maybe draw whats going on with the neck and maybe its back? also anything you want changing on what i have done so far?

That looks pretty good so far. The eye is actually not a circle (sorry about that)

I’ll sketch the neck and the back, as well as a front view. Should help you out a bit. Also, I’ll post the GAD concept, since the body is pretty much the same, just standing on 2 legs.

Shouldn’t take long.

Also, the casing on the arms shouldn’t be bent on the sides, they kind of flare out a tiny bit is all. The elbow is good, except remove the extra bit coming from the point above the elbow that attaches to the back of the fore-arm. Also, maybe have the shoulder pads be a little shorter, and less thick.

Awesome, thanks

Little update:

Alright, that looks good. The chest is actually rounded. You’ll see when I finish the sketch. May take a bit longer, since I’ve gotta eat.


The body is a little wide, I think. I can’t tell for sure.


Elite GAD color. Now you can see the legs better. The GAD has a gun for a right hand.

Any chance a can get a view from the back so i can see whats going on with the Power pack?

also, for the part running down the ceneter of the GRD, the dark gray column bit, is that just a solid chunk with some detail like splits or is there any more detail to it?

Will try finish it 2moro

Really nice, I can’t wait to see what it looks like. :smiley:

Yes, I’ll show a back view.

As for the center, underneath the casing, think of it as the stuff you would use to cover wires. Pretty much, the neck and the torso is just a wire cover. It should be flexible (like a torso on a human).

You should draw up a nice t-pose from the front, back and side. It would probably make it easier on Squint.

That’s what I’m doing, thank you for suggesting it though.

looking forward to the T-pose pics, it will make things alot easier, thanks

Not quite sure if i have the legs casing right :S

Ok, that looks good, but yes, it will definitely help you if I show a T-pose. Make the hands bigger.


Okay, here is the T-pose. I only did 1 leg and 1 arm because, if you look at the arm, the 2nd shoulder piece is on the arm, not the torso. Also, the thigh casing shouldn’t be curved on the top.

Notice my colors matching the combine? lol

Thanks for the front view

Didnt get that much modeling done today, was mostly messing around with the scale of parts and trying to make them fit together again

Awesome. Woah, wait- what’d you do to the fore-arms?


Yay for microsoft paint.

You may want to fix the arms and the shoulders.

It’d be great if the model was almost exactly like the concept. Great work on the back. Fix up the groin, have the thigh casing be more like the sketch near the knee- wider. Have it be thinner toward the hip.

I’ll work on making the calf part of the leg look better. From the front it looks good.

Keep up the good work.

I’m not quite sure i follow, what DID i do to the fore-arms? :stuck_out_tongue:

They too long? not the right shape?

I guess they do look a little long, but is that what you were on about?

This part.

yours looks much different from this, lol.

Also, the side parts of the casing on the fore-arms does not bend at the middle. They’re supposed to be totally straight.

Do you see what I mean for the rounded chest part? If you want, I can do a side view as well.

You probably should also touch up the finger grips. They should be a solid piece with 3 of the little grip parts toward the tip of the finger. That way you reduce poly count.

Edit: I also noticed that the metal casing on the mid-section is missing. Look at the GAD Elite and you’ll see it. It’s the white part in the middle of the side, with a “plug” on the side.


if that’s too dark I’ll put the non colored one.

Damn, if this get’s modeled, textured and ragdolled, I will be a HAPPY man. This model is awesome, even if it isn’t exactly like the concept art.

I will point out the only things I can find that seem to be a little off. The loops under the arms (located in the armpits on the model) extend down almost to touching the hip plates on the concept art. And on the concept art the crotch plate is more angular. The hip parts that extend off off it angle backwards, and the front part is more of a point than a block, as it is in the model. That and the lower area of the chest curves back, instead of ending.

Aside from those three things, the model is AMAZING! Please continue good sir.

Huh, I didn’t notice that, thank you for pointing those out.

Also, glad you like the idea.

Hehe, not only the idea, squint is doin’ a pretty kickin’ rad job of this as well. Find someone who would skin it nicely, instead of flat bright colors, like on some of the robot models people make. With bad textures it will look like shit. Maybe give it some caution stripes, or dark lines like metal connections, and variations on teh color. Like, no one uses the badly textured robots…

Nice conecpt art facehugger.

Yes hopfully the uv maping will be well layout to reskin.