Great concept. Needs a lot of work.

I have always enjoyed the strategy resource game experience.

I spent $20 to give this a go. While I do think the price for the experience is way out of proportion, I do have some thoughts.

As I tried to join a server with few or no people so I could gather and build and enjoy the game (currently it is impossible with a full server… you are naked with a rock and just get killed immediately) I found I was kind of liking RUST.

I had many resources, was doing great on food. Had my little piece of paradise well underway. Gathering and collecting. Out of nowhere, a zombie guy walks up and kills me. I hit him 4 or so times with and axe, no success. So, I die. Only to loose all my resources and be re-spawned somewhere else entirely.

After 4 hours of play. Now, I got nothing. While I understand the finality of death :slight_smile: It sure makes no sense to invest time and effort into the gameplay only to have no hope of really creating something cool on the rust island. I guess I am missing the point of this game.

It would be ok if you die and loose a percentage of your supplies, maybe some clothing… but to start from absolute scratch, with nothing each time you die… well, the game was intriguing for about 8 hours. Then, I realized that there really is no hope or point to continue.

I may come back and check it out a few month down the road.

get better

Naga - Super intelligent response. You are exactly the the kind of idiot that makes these games unbearable. No common sense, no real response to a conversation. Just a blatant, no brained ignorant response. Thank you for being a jackoff. You have proved your brilliance.

Get friends, watch each others’ backs. It’s war out there.

This is a survival game, it is very possible to create your “little piece of paradise” on rust island. Dying to a zombie is normal, and as such you should have stored multiple materials within 4 hours of game play in a small shed with a metal door at this point. This is not a mmorpg and was stated as such. My thoughts are you should have read more about the game before purchasing the ALPHA BETA of a video game. Stating that 20$ is out of proportion for a game is actually kinda funny seeings how you paid for it. My advice, research video games before buying them, and also note the ALPHA BETA in the description of the game.

Unlike most the other replies here ill make an intelligent response.

You should have made a sleeping bag to stick in your hut. Also a box to put your materials in. That way you respawn on your sleeping bag and retain your supplies in your stash. Just be careful of raids so get a metal door asap and keep as little on your person as possible. Oh and keep that door shut :).

To eagle1, whats an alpha beta? You can only have one not both.

I mean you should of looked into it more if you were going to get mad about getting raided / dying and loosing stuff… It’s not that hard to get stuff I can get full kev and a m4 with some bullets in roughly 30 mins.

It’s also quite hard to die to a zombie when you do understand how they works. I’ll give it to you that you are new but quitting a game for that reason seems a bit drastic. First of, you can’t fight zombies by just staying in front of them like other zombie games. You either need to use long range weapons or use the current bugged way that will most likely get removed which is to run through the zombie while starting an attack before you start running to at it. That way he doesn’t hit you but you do. Also a pick axe 1 shots a zombie(not the black ones). You can also outrun any zombie. So basically with that being said there is no reason for you to die to zombies again. Animals are similar but you can’t run through them and hit them without them hitting you. You don’t get 1 shot by animals however. Anyways, I’d recommend watching a walk through video you’ll learn most of the game there or even going on twitch to watch a stream.

Thats why you put a chest and sleeping bag somewhere… one must wonder what you been doing other then hitting stuff with hatchets if you didnt do the 2 most basic things in the game.

And what server do you host? :).

Dont forget this guys new, bit of an unfair comparison.

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Their is nothing ingame to suggest a sleeping bag acts as a new spawn spot…

$20 is completely fair for the game, I’ve put 276 hours in. Many others have more than that. Yet I have games I paid 50 dollars for and only get 8hrs out of, sometimes less.

Yes you lose stuff in this game. You could’ve also ran back and looted your stuff. This game manages to be devastating and at the same time force you to learn and move on, or quit. I doubt that is going to change for you down the road if a zombie killing you has made you quit. When I joined you were lucky to play 10minutes without dying.

Thank you PRODUNO - I had no idea a sleeping bag would put me back into my camp. I appreciate the simple tip. It will alleviate the immediate issue I was having.

If I leave and get back on the same server, will I go back to my bag?

When you log out, you log back in right where you were (unless someone kills your sleeper while you’re offline).