Great Dick in the Sky


  • Only one on the map at one time.
  • Can noclip though buildings / the level to reach target.
  • Thumps may vary.
  • “Shaft” exceeds from very top of the level to target. No matter what.
  • Admin style weapon with the “OoOoooOoO” sound.

Can anyone make this happen? I think it would be funny as hell.


The fuck are you talking about??


He wants a swep that when fired will spawn a giant penis on the skybox above that point, then drop the head through everything until it hits the target point, where it will crush whatever it hits, with an amusing noise.

The GMod community’s obsession with dicks never ceases to amaze me.

This is fucking stupid. No use for this…
please close this thread…

Well… Atleast the thread title was descriptive.

I was going to watch the youtube video…

until it made me wait for 28seconds for an advert, and I decided I was to lazy.

Is it me or is everyone turning gay? I think facepunch is responsible for the recent soar of gay numbers