Great Fairy from Zelda: Twilight Princess

I’m surprised nobody has done this yet. Or if they have, that I haven’t seen it anywhere…But if it hasn’t been done, I would like one!

Since he’s forgotten to put a reference picture in his post, here’s one.

Oh yeah, thanks for the reference picture. For the model itself, I would like jigglebones on the hair and breasts, and maybe the ends of the wings.

This HAS been done. Let’s see if I still have it…

Yes, yes I do.

Wow that’s an actual compiled model I was expecting you to have just posted the Source Files, good job ^^

Edit: Fairy is spelt wrong on the model/material path, it’s gfariy for some reason. Had to hex spell correct it :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome, thank you so much. :smiley:

Never caused me any issues at all o.O

And yes, that is a full port done by MarioKart64n. ALL CREDIT goes to him. I didn’t even make the info.txt, I copied and edited another one…XD

BTW it is actually an addon not just a model!

Ah it is one of mario’s, thought it might be, due to it’s particular rigging.

The problem was that I added it to one of my multitudinous spawnlists for Nintendo models and not noticing it was spelt wrong spelt it right and so it didn’t show, hexing it fixed that right up, as having things spelt wrong is just annoying, especially if your trying to find something at a later date, like armor or color ¬.¬ (yes they are spelt wrong :P)