Great Game, Horrible Hosting Problems

I’m really happy with the current developmental progress of the game… I don’t think I’ve ever been so addicted to a 500meg game before (in the last 5 years, considering BF4 is like 25+ gigs)… But the current selection of hosts is horrible. In the past 30 days I have been with Multiplay and now with HFB Servers; of which has had to change me to two different servers totaling 3 new IP’s to try and build in the past 20 days alone.

I think the field of hosts really needs to be expanded and quick. Even before we got into the business of running a server, day in and day out we were plagued with seeing our favorite servers be offline for hours and even days.

With Multiplay we went in excess of 36 hours without a reply to our server being offline. HFB is not stacking up to be much better, with our new server (only 2 days old) having been offline for 6 hours (and counting) with no reply to support.

I really urge Garry and company to open up the field of hosts a bit more for the sake of the longevity of this game. I’ve even requested to be allowed to host my own server behind our heavily DDOS protected setup, which we pay $700 a month for (with Voxility Servers). Running a gaming community with a monthly membership of 10,000 is not easy and I know the difficulties that can be faced with DDOS Attacks. But this is about overall support, and with two hosts now VERY slow to reply, I want more options, including the option to self-host on my own dedicated servers.

That’s just my two sense. Thanks for reading my rant.

-Devin Clark
Next Generation Gaming

Preach it brother.

Lets hope these guys get a hold of the server files

This will put a stop to most of these DDoS issues. Intreppid is a sister company of Staminus Communications.

My server on hfb just recovered from a 36 hour nullroute because of ddos. The DC then placed a filter that makes actually doing anything on the server impossible. Some changes need to come from the Dev side and the GSP side to help prevent this stuff.

Day 2: Unplayable for the past 6+ hours. No reply from support.

Lol sounds like you guys have the crappiest providers. I use streamline servers, this is my first time ever hosting a game and believe me they are insane. No I do not work for them, I own which is becoming rather well known as an Australian server.

I pay $55 a month for the server, 200 slots located in Sydney which is close to where we all live / play.

I’ve opened a few annoying tickets over the last few days, and I get a response in less then 2 minutes.

Suggest if you’re having problems with anyone give them a try I couldn’t be happier, and we’ve had no downtime at all.

Is that it? im with multiplay and my server that had a nice community has been down for 5 days, dificult to sort it when take over 24h per reply. seems that some people are being paciente and waiting most left by now. They blame on DDOS attacks eituer way im not happy, but being paciente.

So far the support from all these companies have been crap. I theorize that these companies, who are simply reselling and playing the middle man, choose to say nothing at all when their hosts null route them for several hours (and in some cases, days).

Bottomline: This is a huge issue and the response from the Development Team has been very lackluster thus far.

No one has been able to provide an example of a host that has solid protection in place.

I only hope that Garry either allow some company that will host south america servers or he host an oficial south america server. It’s quite hard and extremely hard to play with constant 200 + ping on US/EU servers.

Garry has posted on the forum before saying that if other hosting companies want to contact him to discuss a deal, it’s not off the table.

If you have a preferred provider, it might be worth getting them to contact the dev’s if they are looking to host Rust.

It’s looking unlikely in the near future that we can host our own dedicated servers though. Maybe one day :smiley:

How do we contact him? I personally have sent him 3 emails.

Not sure on the best route to contact him specifically, as you can imagine he didn’t leave an email address in the post.

There are a few ways from that page though, I guess even Twitter can’t harm.

Good luck.

Back down again. Suprise suprise.

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been playing for a couple weeks now and have seen some horrible servers. I’m currently playing here: net.connect I’m not sure who the provider is but so far its been the most stable server for me.