Great game!

After finally getting into a server yesterday, I was able to enjoy what Rust currently has to offer. The difference between servers with 100+ and 1-20 players is huge and I would advise anyone who is first learning to join a lower populated server to get used to the equipment/style of terrain without the PVP or lagging that can come with the larger servers.

I was able to get in about 5-6 hours and, according to RUST wiki, have been able to test out everything short of a couple weapons and weapon mods. For the beginners, the hunting bow and arrows will make hunting animals sooooo much easier. It has really good range and easy to hunt with, especially wolves and bears since they come right at you, just keep shooting them! :slight_smile:

From my time with the game, here are some features I would potentially like to see as the game develops. I will try to not repeat what I have already found on other posts.

  • A compass that can be crafted/found.
  • The ability to use paper you find to make your own maps.
  • Fishing poles and the ability to fish. (Add ponds/lakes/streams to the game, I haven’t ran into one of those yet)
  • Water filters to fill up empty water bottles from rivers/ponds/streams. A water filter will only have so many uses to not abuse a body of water.
  • Maybe even a test kit to make sure the water can even be treated.
  • Lanterns for your home. Pretty odd that I have to light my WOODEN house with a campfire inside.
  • Gun safes. Like the storage boxes but more secure, maybe the ability to set a combo for groups?
  • The ability to trade safely. Opening up a trade window with other players.
  • Berries/plants to harvest for additional healing properties and making dyes.
  • The ability to go into 3rd person view.

Note on radiation:

  • Some of the radiation areas are REALLY difficult to get into. I have the full radiation set yet I still can only sprint into a radiation area for maybe 30 seconds before reaching 500 radiation and having to run back out.

I look forward to all the exiting things with this game!

I actually agree with about everything in this thread, without the last one “The ability to go into 3rd person view”, I believe that if we’d be able to go into 3rd person, it would ruin the game by giving people advantages and being able to look around corners without getting noticed by whatever that hides behind, and also makes the game more unrealistic.


I forgot to mention, you have anti radiation pills that you use for raiding radiation towns. And it should be a little difficult to get to rad zones, because you do find good items there.

I don’t think realism is a problem. If i remember correctly, slaugthering a bear does not give you raw chicken meat in real life.

3rd person view would destroy this game.

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Once alpha is over, it likely won’t function that way any longer. Just a theory.

Very true. I would be more than happy with an inventory menu that shows the appearance of my character. I have no doubt it will be added in the future.