Great horror maps and addons?

I’m doing a little halloween thing on my gmod server and I was wondering if anyone knows of some great addons or maps that can be used to scare the shit out of my players?

Gm_ghosthunt 1 and 2.
I recommend 2 more though (more scary)


Play ghosthunt_1 first because its fun, but the second one is ridiculous. When you finish and move to ghosthunt_2, play with the glowsticks addon, no flashlights, 2-3 buddies, and no lights on in the house. Its legit terrifying the first time. Also, throw on your favorite weapon pack so you can at least feel better when unkillable nightmares show up.

Ghosthunt 1 and 2
and of course. Evil apartments.

and try try insomnia and paranoia.

Rebecca Black Ragdoll?

I’m sorry, but that’s a bit much.
He just wants to scare them, not give them a heart attack.

I’m sure it’s safe, just as long as no one makes it a SEnt.