Great Idea For Rust

Here is a good idea to make Rust more fun then it already is:
Add Wild Horses to the game with the possibility to tame them takes some time… and the possibilty to steal a tame horse from someone.
Then some needs for the horse: Stable where you can keep youre horse safe and give the horse food and water. Maybe some options like crafting saddles or saddlebags too?
You can many different things … you can also make a wooden fences to let youre horse graze.

and other little idea ive read somewhere: Start with less slots for items and find and craft bagpacks to make it more realistic.
I dont know where he puts al that wood ingame in his underwear?

I hope some more people will support this idea and maybe the creators like the idea and challenge to create this to.

I like the idea of horses in the game. However you’ve put in multiple ideas in one thread and ask us to vote yes or no or possible to them, without us being able to address which ideas we would be in favour of and which not. :slight_smile:

I would prefer bicycles as a method of transport similar to those in Heroes and Generals but horses would be a more natural approach for rust or maybe both!

yeah why not :smiley: yes sorry about poll cant change it.

these were discussed a while back, but yes, i like the idea of backpacks and limited slots, and horses would possibly be a nice addition to the current animal set:)

he puts it onn the same place that all the game characters put IN THE ASS

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Horses, nah

More like… Horses, neigh!
I could go for some ridable bears or something more bad-ass than plain horses.

Why no Cars ._.

Please no rideable bears, man that reminds me of “zul’gurub”. I hated that raid… It was the only place to get your self a bear mount. (WoW)

Horses are a little too domestic for rust if you ask me… Also it just sounds like minecraft now.

How would the taming process happen?
By breaking them in with high risk of rider?
By magic progress bar?

Yes. Any game with horses is copying Minecraft, because that game invented horses.

“breaking in” would be my choice. have to get onto the horse (which of course requires more skill than just running after one, since they would be faster than you). then have to stay on the horse (risk of falling, which deals damage, and being trampled which deals more damage) long enough to break it in (time based on a random number generated on spawn?) . and then although its broken in, you still have a risk of being bucked off when riding if the horse is spooked or attacked. horses get injured by falling/moving through crappy terrain, and falling horses injure you unless you jump off in time.

saddles and tack could reduce the chance of falling off for all stages. the horse is living, grazes by itself in the nearest grassy area, and can be killed just like any other animal. oh and wolves and bears spook it. wolves might even attack it.

so i think its viable, just a matter of whether or not the team want it in their game;)

Personally I would rather have bikes in the game than horses.
A good bike would make for a cool travelling mechanic in the game, especially if you can’t use weapons on one and it takes time to get a good acceleration on it.


That is what is missing in the Russian Rust