Great idea! urination

Guys, we spawn naked. We have to mine our resources to build our bases. We need to eat and consume moisture from cooked meat to survive!! We need to sleep (whenever we do). This game needs urination. I pee like at least 5 times a day but my poor rust dude hasn’t peed yet. He’s been through countless days and not a single turd has slipped from his cheeks (i watched).

What’s better than chasing a man through a forest buck naked for 5 minutes, smashing him down with a rock? Peeing on him afterwards. c’mon it’s the next logical update… after the new big update has all the kinks ironed out of course.

But really, peeing. think about it.

This is a parallel reality where people run naked because they actually sweat all of their liquid waste. Your character is actually constantly peeing.

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If anything you should swim often to wash all of that waste off of you. Savage.

Eating him AFTER I pee on him.

Then what about poops. My player obviously has a pooper.

every 2-3 months this gets brought up again…

and although i was amused the first couple of times, now its just kind of overworked.

Why not have runny snotty noses or some players could dribble tremendous amounts of gloopy saliva. How about dandruff so bad it’s like a mini snowstorm. Maybe have great big zits the size of cherry tomatoes ready to ooze out loads of sticky pus. I think I will stop there because I now feel a little sick. Actually, what about projectile vomiting.

The game’s still in alpha. I think peeing would add a great dimension to the game. You could mark your territory from bears. If you can’t raid someones house then at least you can go pee on their door to show your anger at your own failure.

I’m new to this, so I didn’t hear it however many times you have. If it’s been brought up before then there is definitely a part of the community that craves pee.

Next you’re going to ask if you can shit on corpses’ faces, right?

does this mean we can raid someones house and poo in the corner before we leave?

In spite of the added lag, imagine playing a rust server that didn’t wipe for a week that’s littered with urine and feces. How grand.

Then their’d be people who’ll decide to poo in the same place, and see how high they can make a poo tower

I think they should have a bar like hunger, but a command to go at any time (on people, postal style) and if the bar fills up you piss yourself.

and if you eat raw meat, you vomit uncontrollably leaving a trail for people to track you

It would be horrifying. Sitting in a house with my bow, I hear someone walking around outside. I haven’t had time to make a lock so I draw my arrow back and aim at the door. Waiting. I hear him approach but the door doesn’t open. Perhaps he is just passing by?
A shiver runs down my spine as he reaffirms his location. Had he heard me draw my bow?
What was that?
is he…“Are you peeing on my door?!”

There are far more important things to add long b4 taking a piss is added sorry…

Best idea ever.

Also it should be like if you piss in a snow biome your piss freezes into crystals you can stab people with and make poo a throwing weapon, people getting hit by it will leave a scent for animals to pick up making the aggro range of predators much larger. Also poo should work as a fertilizer.

Perhaps pissing in the water stops you from getting cold.