Great Jaggi (Monster Hunter Tri)

Dino lizard thing that looks like it’s mixed with a t-rex and a spitter raptor.


  • Eye posing
  • Finger posing
  • 4 sizes (0.3x small (around spitter raptor size), 1x regular, 3x big, 7x bigger)


Regular size:


Things to note:

  • Shoulders sometimes go crazy.
  • Pupils aren’t symmetrical.

Thanks to Dragoshi for providing the model.

Also on Toybox.

Make more!!!

Nice job again :smiley: Can’t wait to see more of this ^^

EDIT His legs can bend pretty damn far, dunno if its healthy this way tbh :o

Looks to me like a fattie killer without the huge bony eyebrows.

Jaggi had the best fight theme in game. Shame more of the monsters didn’t get their own fight songs too

Very nice! I always love the ports you do.

nice!! can you porting barioth fron monster hunter tri please ?
this is a pic

Looks more like a Baryonyx crossed with a frilled lizard.

Make sure the Jaggi and Jaggia get ported too, completes the “pack” :dance:

I want to do the bosses first. :buddy:

It looks so… coniving.

I fucking love monster hunter.

O.O I started in this game a month ago, and when i battle him the 1st 5 times, i got frustated, he killed me many times and i killed him passed 1 hour. Now that dinosaur scare when i´m near, bcz now i got my revenge >:D…and i was looking for his claws and skin for do a new sword

never played monster hunter, but it dose look good :smiley: