Great little scooter/Vesper


Just made this now, got a bit bored so…

I can’t say I like the front so don’t give me grief about it oh and it could do with some more details but I wanted to keep the prop count down.
Just a fun little contraption, It’s an awesome thing to just drive around, it handles beautifully.

And just because I can, I was thinking of powering it with my gear system for zeo’s engine, which has 4 drive gear and 2 reverse.

And because I’m a funny guy, here is a slightly gay flower and evil barrel

Edit: oh I forgot to say, the scooter is a bit big due to the scale of the wheels, but it’s not very bad.

Hm, nice design. Color could be better, looks to blat. But still nice, I like the bonus pictures too.

Love it. Looks like some little Piaggio. And yeah the bonus pics were good too :smiley:

Looks really good.


the other random things were cool too.

Bike looks good, engine looks better. (I have a thing for engines).

Anyway, good job.

Neat VESPA. Not Vesper. God. But it is cool.

Yay flowers!

oh yeah, hunter thank him but not me. that’s it. I 'm not helping you with your cake

I’d like to see this “excellent handling” scooter in action. Could you post a video perhaps?

Nice scooter. I like the detail.

Gosh, fine

Awesome, looks great. Massive props if you get the engine in…

lol that isn’t going to happen, I just axis them to a plate or the ground, then adv ball the drive wheel (the yellow and black one) to the actual bike wheel, it’s cheap I know, but it works.

also: Perfect circle drift!

and my version of zeo’s v8.

I like to post my stuff without a new forum :-p but the engine is relevant cause it powers it, ( sometimes, when I want handling, engine is a no no)

This stuff is neat, the moped is awesome.

I’d love to see a video of the scooter in action. :slight_smile:

Finally we have another decent contraption.

Oh god the gas crisis is even hitting FPS! Pretty cool though.

Nice work Grumpy. Yet again excellent use of props. I’m envious of your leet skills.

I love the flowers. >:3

That perfect circle is really nice. Looks like realistic turning then.

I saw this on GSA yesterday…had a ride in it too. Nice job :stuck_out_tongue:

Which one were you? pity I was lagging so hard, by the way thnks for the comment