Great new hyper realism DarkRP idea

Permaban upon death

Then nobody would ever complain about NLR again, and it’s realistic!

fprp is in dire need of an ideas guy such as yourself.

at the rate people die in darkrp the whole city will have been slaughtered within 5 minutes
you’ll join and there will be a single hobo reigning over a city of corpses

Lol is it bad that i thought a similar idea but instead its three lives and then you’re banned for one day if you lose all three. But if you get caught murdering someone you get 2days per lifes you have taken and been proven to have killed.(if you kill someone three times you would get 6 days if caught and that same person would be banned for one day)

I strongly considered making a DarkRP edit that would do this but everyone told me I was a dumb.

Glad to see there are likeminded individuals here.

Edit: And now I’m seriously considering forking and hosting my own version of FPRP. Fuck all of you.

nah you should ddos them instead. Way more realistic.

You die in the game you die for real

Only in our dreams.

Super No Server Man code_gs” - Got an giggle there!

“Faclo - For enabling the autism that is fprp
MIT - For enabling Falco to enable the autism that is fprp
Tyler Wearing - For his shitty anticheat and having more autism than Falco could ever match”

There too! xD