Great new INS game mode Idea For G MOD but need some help with it.

My Idea is an Insurgency RP on G mod my Idea would need some one who can mod things and create some dedicated servers the details are like this.

   First the maps would be large city's with any were from 32-64 or possible more players using weapons and some models from The game insurgency and of course civilian models from HL2. The Jobs and factions would be as follows

Marines-Keep the peace law & order as well as hunt insurgents-starting equipment would include an M16A4 rifle,An M9 pistol, frag grenades,Smoke grenades,and the ability to arrest people

Insurgents-Cause chaos Kill marines assassinate political officials-starting equipment AK-47, makarov pistol, Suicide bomb, some kind of remote detonated IED.

As well as all the jobs from dark RP would play a role in the game

weapons would need to be from insurgency and the map Baghdad would be a great starting map
You could buy weapons and equipment and maybe Marines could have access to predator strikes like some i saw in the toy box

I would like comments on my Ideas as well as any one willing to make them a reality on g mod if you have ideas on changes say so if you Think I am a complete moron for suggesting this please say so but Im a noob so I cant make this I can just pitch ideas

So lemme guess. You’re the idea man that takes all the credit, and you’re looking for coders to make this for you for free. Sounds likea good plan. :downs:

this is extremely possible for a beginner. just take darkrp and play around with it, all you need to do is change some class names & give them different weapons.

I dont want any credit I am just Intrested in seeing it made The coders can Have the credit its all just a suggestion

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Thanks Frankie I will try this

Are you encouraging people to make crappy DarkRP edits?
Alright, it’s okay if you have an idea, but put it in the gamemodes section. Also, FP will always call you an ideas guy if you don’t contribute to it yourself, you need to have some basic knowledge of at least mapping/Lua before starting a project like this.

terrible idea, i doubt that you’ll get any coders, just edit dark rp.