Great RP servers out there?

Hey, I’m just looking for a few good RP servers to join, if you could reccommend any that would be great, just drop the IP and name of the server below, cheers!

Decay serious roleplay. It is a bit new and starting its’ way, but has A LOT of potential.

You the owner? I’m looking to be an admin along with it, but I’ll play it for a bit first, get the feel of it.

Without a question of doubt, if you want the best (ULTRA) Serious HL2, Terminator or S.TA.L.K.E.R. RP (SRP is still in production however) out there, taconbanana is the best community.

To get onto the server, you have to register to the forums and download the mega-pack, though once you’ve sorted all that messing about, your not going to find a better community out there, assuming of course, it’s *serious *RP you want.
Just give us a shout via PMs either here or on TnB, if you want any more info.

I am not the owner. You may not like this rp now, because it is just starting, has no playerbase or a proper story. - Our almost dead forums.

But, the ones who play Decay server every day are nice rolepalyers, who LIKE passive roleplaying.

P.S. i am trying to make it better. xD


Tim’s Land RP of course :slight_smile:


Oh Tim, you could say that your server is on rp_c18_v1, darkrp, phx and wire.

Try to find one that uses Nexus. They are generally very good. Most I have found are on rp_c18_v1 though, which is good or bad, depending on how much you like that map.


I was on a nexus 3 server last night made by kurozael. (could that be connected to cider maker Kudomeku/kuromeku) The server was actually really good if you like passive roleplay. Not sure on the name.

I was on that one, me thinks. Could you start gangs? If so that was the one I was on.

No I dont believe so. Its HL2 RP soo its slow and relaxed haha.

why is serious in the name, its a complete fucking mingefest like 99% of other darkrp servers