GREAT SERVER: Noob Friendly/PVP/Sleep/RP/Arena+rewards

This server is great and has an awsome community of players but we need more! It was wiped on Jan 8th so its very fresh! The admins are very active and do a great job running the server and keeping it clean!

This is a PVP Server but alot of the groups are very friendly and active.

SO hurry and get in before the prime spots are taken!

ARENA! The admins built a HUGE ARENA and there are events ran all the time for players to participate in!.. WIN prizes if you win (lol you wont win any game changing things like Explosives haha)

Additional Info:
Server uses Oxide which means there extra plugins such as

  1. Door Sharing
  2. Built in money and economy system! very neat btw (still working on prices etc)
  3. /help command tell you the rest.

STEP 1: press F1 to go into the console
STEP 2: Type net.connect
STEP 3 Press Enter!
Any questions please ask!

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ALSO WE HAVE A RAID CALL SERVER: raidcall ID is: rust-raidcall

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raidcall number ID is 7913032

Awesome I’ll Have to Check it Out! There’s an Arena? Can you Elaborate on this?

I’ve been playing on it and the people here are really nice! Also, where is the server located, because I can’t seem to find out. Thanks!

Just did a 1 vs 1 starting with a Bow!!! It was crazy fun!! When I got the bolt action rifle at the top tower it was over for the other guy!!! :slight_smile: Also they where nice enough to let you keep what u got in there if you Win!! Best server EVER!! Also everyone running it was very nice!! Keep up the good Work :slight_smile:

hell ya

and the server is out of NYC so east coast!

Yeah, the arena is really well made too, had a lot of fun playing around!

This server now uses Oxide Mod with built in currency and economy!!

This server is so dirty. Legit played on this server with some friends when there was no one playing on it, then we saw that there were more people than usual so me and a friend go to the server and get and apparently we got banned for hacking we try to add the admin to discuss why we were banned and he wont even accept. Like I brought 5 people to the server including myself spent hours building a house and then got banned and the admin wont even discuss why we were banned had to add other people that were on the server. I don’t understand how we get banned for hacking, we were playing when there was no one on the damn server why the hell would someone hack on an empty server.

Really thought the admins were cool because when I first came on to the server there was one admin who gave me some free stuff and teleported me around to show me the best area to build but nope.