Great Server

Admins On 24/7 (Just because they don’t respond to every question doesn’t mean they are not online!) :wink:
Coming Soon, Player VS Player Events!
Very friendly staff and players with no Admin abuse!
Crafting: 50%
Airdrop: 15 players
Sleepers: Off This means u can log off and keep your items you have in your inventory!
Raiding: Yes
Server Wipe: Off
Player Slots:100
HACKERS + CHEATERS = PERMA BAN ~FOREVER~ & Will Be Reported To Valve Immediately!
Oxide Mod
Door Sharing
Starter Kits
~ †XBlackstoneX† ~ †RJPostage.due†

*Server WIPE - only when needed for patches and updates, otherwise as rare as possible.

Press F1 in the lobby, and type "net.connect
to join IP.

See you all soon! Happy Surviving!